UK Chapter of KSPE

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The Kentucky Society of Professional Engineers chapter at the University of Kentucky provides many benefits to students in the College of Engineering.

First, general meetings include speakers from private firms and industry who discuss a variety of topics including job hunting, entrepreneurship, the importance of membership in professional organizations such as KSPE, the importance of licensure in the engineering profession, and many more. This gives members as well as nonmembers access to career planning resources.

Second, KSPE provides a variety of programs throughout the semester including review sessions for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (FE) and professional luncheons. They also co-sponsor the December commencement dinner for College of Engineering graduates.

Lastly, KSPE hosts an annual Leadership Management Seminar through which professional and leadership skills are introduced and developed. The seminar is taught and sponsored by both the Bluegrass and Louisville Chapters of KSPE, and professional engineers volunteer time to make this seminar a great success. This program not only gives students a much needed weekend getaway but also challenges and helps them plan career objectives.


KSPE is the leader in development of unity and focused resources across all engineering disciplines and organizations for influence upon public, legislative and educational issues affecting the profession.


The mission of KSPE is to promote the ethical, competent, and licensed practice of engineering, and to enhance the professional, social, and economic well being of our members.

Core Values

To advocate the application of engineering knowledge and skills for the public health, safety and welfare.
To promote the highest standards of engineering education.
To influence public policy
To foster society’s understanding of the role of engineering.
To communicate the importance of engineering licensure.
To stimulate student interest in mathematics and science and encourage young people to enter the engineering profession.
To represent the interests of all engineering disciplines.